About Us

Welcome to Beach, Bags, Quilts. Inspired by sunny, easy Mediterranean living – purple lavender fields and turquoise blue coastlines, we have brought together a colourful range of quality beach towels, bags and Provencal quilts to help you relax in style.

BBQ hammam towels are 100% cotton – in tasteful designs, our hammam towels can be used on the beach, at the pool, as a scarf or a toga, can be easily folded to fit in any bag or suitcase. They are also ideal for use in caravans and yachts due their compact size.

BBQ bags are ideal for all occasions: for shopping, as a day or evening bag, for the beach, as a swimming bag, for the gym. Pretty as well as practical, they coordinate well with all outfits and are handy and stylish.

BBQ quilts come from the South of France. Our range contains traditional Provencal designs together with more contemporary classics. Used as bedspreads, their eiderdown-like quality means they are particularly warm and cosy. They also make tasteful throws and rugs.

We also now offer free standard delivery on all our hammam towels

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